2010 Snow

In the last few years we have seen major freeze ups when before all we got was wet. For the last two winters all the pipes have frozen and getting water to the animals has been all consuming. We suffer rather from “cowboy” pluming that was put in before these hard winters.
We are now in the process of doing what we can to lag the pipes with sheeps’ wool. It has had some effect but still much more needs to be done.

Gingerly stepping outCows in snowy yard

The cows are some what taken-a-back by it and are unsure what to do. Very slowly they make their way out of the barns in to the snowy yards. When the snow is fresh its ok and they grip fine, but once it has become packed it is a lethal ice rink and they have to stay shut inside. Cows do not handle well on ice!

Derek Feeding the HeifersSteers in the snow

Ashott Poster