The Farmer and Her objectives

Shiamala and Friends

I breed cattle and farm for several reasons, the strongest and least commercial one is that I grew up in another country in a hill farming family with generations of involvement with the land and animals and feel a particular connection with cattle.

Conservation of soil and and concern about the cutting down of the rain forest were particular concerns of my grandfather and mother. These were not the commonplace topics they now are. I grew up with a strong sense of the importance of human activity needing to be sustainable. I believe that farming traditional breeds of animals in an extensive way is how I can get closest to my ideal of good land management and high levels of welfare.

written on 2010-05-12 by Shiamala |
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The Farm


Ashott Barton is a 350 acre Beef and Sheep hill farm on Exmoor. We have two medium sized herds of Pedigree Devon and Dexter Cattle. During the summer each herd has free range over hill, valleys, streams and wildflower meadows. The farm has three county wild life sites, and is managed for maximum biodiversity and animal welfare.

written on 2010-02-25 by Shiamala

The Land

Morning Light

We are situated in Exmoor National Park in stunning surroundings. The diversity of habitat and species on our land is something we delight in and which adds to the quality of our cattle. Click the link below to see and read about the environment which holds the foundation of the Ashott Barton herd.

written on 2010-06-12 by Jeremy

Our People

Farming is a job which requires many hands (and paws). Click to see more about our people

written on 2011-04-23 by Jeremy
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