A good long legged cow. Ashott Barton Blackberry

Blackberry is a special cow, born in the dark days of foot and mouth. She is now five years old, and is the opposite of April in confirmation. She demonstrates what a good long-legged Dexter cow should be.

Seen less of in the show ring, but fundamental to the well being of the breed. The short and long are necessary to avoid producing bull dog calves. Breeding only short legged animals will predispose them to produce these malformed foetuses. In a long legged cow good depth and length is essential. Many long legged Dexters can be too fine and seriously lacking in hind quarter conformation. Some, such as Judy Knight have achieved a good balance between the beef and dairy characteristics of the breed. This requires careful breeding with knowledge and understanding. Keeping every bull calf and breeding from every heifer, regardless of quality is not how they have achieved their success.

Ashott Poster