The Devons who are traditional to our location have become our primary focus, however we do have some other stock including a small herd of Dexters and a few sheep.

CutCombe Millenium - Lord of all he surveys

Thirteen years of our Devon Cattle at Ashott Barton
The Devon herd started with twelve cows and a Stock Bull in September 2000. The herd reached its highest number in 2010but is now at 24 breeding cows.Our wonderful herd sire Cutcombe Millennium has the distinction of being awarded Devon Cattle breeders Society Stock Bull of the year award twice in this time. We bought the best in 2000 when we bought Millennium from Margaret Elliot and cows from William Dart.

The Lord of all he surveys; Cutcombe Millennium at Ashott Barton
Taken late summer 2004 after he was made Stock bull of the year

written on 2010-02-25

New Bulls at Ashott Barton

New bull again.2015 sees Bywood Buttons 5th in sole command, as Millennium once was.He came in March 2013, His second bunch of calves were born February and march . Not as big as Millennium but ’a very fair size bull ’and very long is how Richmond Harding has just described him.

Roberta Edgar’s Hercules came to us in May 2010 summer and returned each summer So I still had the two bull problem but my determination to avoid bulls with any Saler blood or polled lines makes this inevitable.

Millennium ‘s cows have Essington Best man as herd sire, while all of Millennium’s Daughters out of the Bribery and Tulip cows are with Hercules.
Not Just Livestock Units – The loss of MillenniumiMarch 2011 has led to much realigning within the herd. It has taken the whole summer for his old cows to adjust to Boy(Esssington Best Man) while the young cows, Millenniums daughters were unaffected. The old girls have taken a back seat and the leader is now Cowslip, daughter of Mel. Her mother was one of the Matriarchs of the herd. Her close associate is Dairymaid. This is a mirror of what happened with their mothers. I find the herd behavior fascinating and wonderful to observe. Knowing the way the cows fit together informs my decisions about the management better and creates less stress for them. Paying attention to how the cows tick simply makes my life with them easier and so much more rewarding than just pushing them around, as so many live stock units.

written on 2011-11-05 by Jeremy

Not so New, Boy

Essington Best Man (a.k.a Boy)

Boy came in 2009 may, and is no longer the new Boy. He is growing into a good bull with his grandsire Millenniums’ steady nature. Boy still has a lot of growing to do but we are now sure he was right for us.Two seasons of calves have shown what he can do.
Embryos from his dam, Essington Buttercup are being collected for export to the United States, where traditional non Saler Devon Cattle are greatly valued.

Boys grand dam Champson Tulip is now retired but still here. She has a beautiful heifer born in 2010.

written on 2010-05-12 by Jeremy

Stock For Sale

Heifers Eating
we have a range of cattle for sale. Primarily , heifers that are due to go to bull in May/June 2015. Of great interest are also two young bulls Monty and Peregrine, 14 months and 13 months old. They are partly halter trained, easy to tie up but need lead training.

Visit the Stock Sales page to find out more

written on 2010-11-04 by Jeremy

Magnificent Millennium

grazing Millennium
written on 2010-03-18 by Shiamala |
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Morgan - Reserve Champion


Great news for Ashott Barton Morgan
At the Devon Cattle Breeders Show and Sale on 9th October, our 22 month old bull was awarded Reserve Champion by leading Devon judge and breeder Mr. William Dart of Great Champson.

written on 2010-02-25 |
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