Hay Making 07

wet hay making tractor view

We had mowed two fields and had planned to bail them the next day, before lunch. Before half the field had been bailed the heavens opened with torrential rain and hail! As we continued to work it got harder and harder, till the steam lifting of the tractor made it almost impossible to see. The small stream near our house had burst its banks and was flowing over its little bridge. As I crossed this with tractor and flatbed of hay the water was over the front axles and trailer drawbar, guess work alone kept me on the bridge.

wet hay making 2

This picture shows the lane past the farm house. On the left is what it usually looks like, the tractor is over the bridge which in the right picture is completely submerged. It looks more like the tropics than England!

“Hundreds of water” as one of our former employees would have said, changed the shape of the streams’ surroundings. On the left below is the stream in is idyllic usual state, and the two at the bottom show the flattened grass indicating the size during the flood.

rivernormalswimming bushka

However, Bushka (our rescued colli) was pleased as a new swimming hole had been made for her!

Ashott Poster