Sad Cows

“Lillibet 25” was one such favorite cow and she was herself one of the most dominant cows, often being the one to lead the others on maneuvers. Since Millennium died her condition and status in the herd has diminished and she is currently very quite and retiring.

Clara 196 older and even more dominant than Lillibet would not go back to the main part of the barn where she and Millennium always rested. It took the birth of her calf and several weeks before she returned to the central part of the barn having moved herself into the annex. Our barn is divided in a way to allow the cows a considerable degree of choice of where they sleep and where they calve.

Our herd management allows for observations like this. We allow the cows to be themselves and we can observe some very subtle and complex social interactions within the herd.

Ashott Poster