Understanding the Importance

People see the need to eat but don’t extend that to conclude “farmers are important”, when asked who are the important people of society are a great many more will be listed before we get to the lowly farmer. The work of doctors, teachers, political leaders, even celebrities signify more to most people than the work of farmers.

Why is this? Our culture now values achievements of mind over those of might and we have de-valued physical manual labor. However that does not change our biological requirement for food and no great achievement has even been accomplished without a good breakfast or at-least a bite along the way. In fact no other industry can survive without it’s people eating something.

Farming is perhaps the oldest of human endeavors and the turning points in our cultures’ development which gave us the edge. When the first humans started cultivating the soil and began to domesticate other animals the need to spend time hunting and foraging was reduced. With basic agriculture the problem of sourcing food eased, people where able to devote time to other things.

Ashott Poster