Why have a Dexter?

BUT: A dexter is still a bovine and not a poodle

They are a functional beast and should be treated with respect. Some Dexter bulls have been known to attack their keepers. As with all large animals care and consideration is assential.

Deterioration of the breed with increase in numbers is I feel the biggest disadvantage of Dexter cattle today. They have become too popular and become “pet” cows owned by people with little or no understanding of the needs of cattle and have precious little skill as herdsman and women. These same people breed and sell and there has been a dramatic increase in really awful animals in the eleven years that I have owned and bred Dexters. This is not in the best interest of the cows. I see over popularity as a curse not blessing:

Assumption that just because they are small they do not need proper feeding, leading to poor breeding stock and badly finished animals and causing distress to a wonderful little animal.

Ashott Poster