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I breed cattle and farm for several reasons, the strongest and least commercial one is that I grew up in another country in a hill farming family with generations of involvement with the land and animals and feel a particular connection with cattle.

Conservation of soil and and concern about the cutting down of the rain forest were particular concerns of my grandfather and mother. These were not the commonplace topics they now are. I grew up with a strong sense of the importance of human activity needing to be sustainable. I believe that farming traditional breeds of animals in an extensive way is how I can get closest to my ideal of good land management and high levels of welfare.

written on 2010-05-12 by Shiamala |
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Leading as a Driving force

Its all too tempting when your trying to move cattle to get behind them, make silly noises and wave your arms and then have to run to get ahead of them to turn them where you want.

We try to move our cattle with little or no noise and all that it takes is one good dog and a well trained person.

written on 2010-11-05 by Jeremy

Understanding the Importance

Just how important is farming?
I think most people see that there is some importance but do not really see just how important farming is. I believe that it is perhaps the most important industry of our civilization.

written on 2010-11-05 by Jeremy

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