Essentially everything should be as you expect, if not then I’ve done something wrong!!

The main difference with this site from the normal is that it uses a web 2.0 technology that enables the page to change without needing to reload the whole page. So when you click some links, like the “read more” links, it will change bits of the page but not the whole page. The odd thing about this is that the “back” button does not work as you’d expect.

For example if you started on the front page and clicked the “Devon Cattle” link you will go to the Devon cattle page and as you would expect the back button will take you back to the front page. However if from the Devon Cattle page you clicked a “read more” link to show the rest of an article then clicking the back button will still take you back to the front page. This is because you are in fact still on the Devon Cattle page (look at the address bar), only its content was changed.

If you get lost you can always click the picture of Millennium in the header or use the navigation panel on the right hand side.

written on 2011-04-24 by Jeremy

Viewing Pictures

Anywhere you see a picture you can click on it to see it full size. It will open in a “popup” that floats over the site and you can drag it about. To close it click the close button at the bottom or just click anywhere outside the popup.

written on 2011-04-24 by Jeremy

Contacting Us

Click the “Contact Us” link at the top or in the footer to see our contact details. Or you can leave a message via the message system.
Do let me know if you find something on the site not working right.

written on 2011-04-24 by Jeremy


Off course I am now getting a degree of spam via the message system. Please do keep it comming!! I am developing harder and harder spam filters and am making a learning network to combat it. All this spam I’m getting is just fuel to that project. So thanks, I can make some money out of it.

written on 2011-04-24 by Jeremy
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