Our Environment

Ashott Barton is set across two valleys, Penycombe and Shutcombe and has a range of different habitats, hey meadows, marsh land, gorse and steep wooded valleys. These form the basis for a diverse ecosystem which we and our cattle enjoy.

written on 2010-06-14 by Jeremy

Wild Orchids

Orchid Pair

In parts of the marshy Penycombe valley we have Orchids growing wild.

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Wild Plants

Knap Weed


Ragged Robin groupCampion 1New Beach Leaf

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Hanging in there

There are several trees on our land that have been damaged or knocked over but each in their own way continue to support life, live themselves or just ignore gravity.

Leaning Tree of ABHanging TreeWooden Explosion

written on 2010-06-14 by Jeremy

Penycombe Stream

Life Blood of the Farm


Tiano in River

Penycombe runs through the North valley of our land and is for the most part a small gentle stream but we have seen her change into a roaring torrent. The land directly around the stream is a rich marsh land which is home to a great diversity of plant and insect life.

written on 2010-06-13 by Jeremy

Hay Meadows

Hey Meadow

The cultivation of a grass crop is of such importance as it forms the entire of our winter fodder. As we are and organic closed system there is no import of food so this must support the cattle over the winter months. We believe that a good grass crop is diverse in its content with many different plant species bringing different qualities.

Field Grass 2Field Grass 3Field GrassYellow Rattle

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From Space

AB from Space
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